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Microaire LiposuctionIn Miami, FL

Microaire Power-Assisted Liposuction at FusionMD Cosmetic Surgery

Capture Your Full Potential

Achieving a sculpted, contoured physique comes with challenges. Even with dedicated exercise and dietary changes, your perfect stomach, arms, or thighs may seem just out of reach. With Microaire Liposuction in Miami, FL, at FusionMD, Dr. Joshua Scurlock offers an innovative solution to achieve your ideal results.

What is Microaire Liposuction?

Completely Customizable Definition

Standard liposuction involves the removal of fat pockets from the body through a small tube, known as a cannula, using suction. Microaire Liposuction utilizes a specialized cannula connected to a Microaire power-assisted liposuction (PAL) device. The PAL device vibrates the cannula at a high frequency, allowing for precise and controlled fat removal, which helps to achieve smoother and more defined contours.

Benefits of Microaire Liposuction

See The Ultimate Sculpt

Microaire Liposuction delivers natural-looking results by sculpting and contouring the body to achieve a slimmer, more youthful appearance. This treatment can also be tailored to your specific needs for completely customized results. With Microaire Liposuction Miami patients can expect to see the benefits like:

  • Targeting localized areas of excess fat
  • Smoother and more defined body contours
  • Improved clothing fit and confidence in more styles
  • Versatility: treatment can be in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, chin, or neck
  • Less-invasive alternative than surgery or types of liposuction
Microaire Liposuction in Miami, FL  Coral Gables

Am I a candidate for Microaire Liposuction?

Contours You’ve Been Waiting For

If you have tried lifestyle changes, healing eating, and targeted exercise but still have pockets of stubborn fat that don't seem to disappear, then Microaire Liposuction in Miami, FL, may be a great choice. Ideal candidates are those near or at their goal weight who have a good amount of remaining skin elasticity. Any possible health-related concerns should be discussed with your surgeon.

Consultation and Preparation

Welcome To Luxury Treatment

During your consultation with Dr. Scurlock, your goals and expectations for the procedure will be discussed so he can assess your desired outcomes and create an ideal treatment plan. He will also conduct a physical examination to assess your overall health and to confirm that you are a good candidate for Microaire Liposuction. Patients may need to undergo lab tests or make adjustments to medications and supplements prior to surgery. Smoking can interfere with the body's ability to heal properly after surgery, and we will advise you to quit smoking at least several weeks before and after to minimize complications and promote optimal recovery.

The Microaire Procedure

Precision And Skill Meet Artistic Intuition

Liposuction is more than just removing subcutaneous fat. In particular, at our practice in Miami Microaire Liposuction allows Dr. Scurlock to sculpt and refine the treatment area with great precision and detail for an outstanding result. After sedation, tiny incisions will be made for the cannulas to be inserted through. Then, the power-assisted liposuction device will use gentle vibration to achieve maximum results with minimal damage to tissues. This procedure typically takes around two to three hours and is usually much quicker than traditional methods.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Your Ideal Physique Is Within Reach

Most Microaire Liposuction patients only need about seven to ten days of recovery before they can get back to their usual daily activities. More rigorous activities like exercise should wait another week in most cases. Final results can typically be seen around three to four months after surgery, and the removal of fat cells is permanent.

Microaire Liposuction in Miami, FL  Coral Gables

Care And Attention To Detail

Why choose Microaire Liposuction at FusionMD?

Dr. Joshua Scurlock and his team take a personalized approach to each patient's treatment plan, ensuring that individual goals and concerns are addressed with care and attention to detail. In addition to being a board-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Surlock believes that ongoing education, training, and transparency are the keys to achieving excellence in his craft and staying on the innovative and ethical edge of cosmetic treatment.

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Microaire Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

While some patients experience mild discomfort after this procedure, Microaire Liposuction is typically well tolerated and not extremely painful.

Minor side effects like swelling, bruising, or infection are possible, but more major risks, such as fat embolism, are rare and should be discussed with your provider.

Fat cells are permanently removed during liposuction, so the results are permanent. However, significant weight gain could change the appearance of the treatment area.

While liposuction removes small pockets of fat, the goal is to sculpt the area, not to eliminate large amounts of fat. Patients should be at or near their goal weight when undergoing liposuction.

The cost of Microaire Liposuction will vary depending on patient goals and the extent of the procedure.

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