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Testimonials for Dr. Scurlock Fusion MD Cosmetic Surgery

“I went to Miami for 360 Lipo with BBL. Let me tell you Dr. Scurlock is AMAZING. I would pick him as my doctor every single time. He gave me the best results with what I was working with! My skin on my booty was tight, so he told me he wouldn’t be able to get a lot of fat in there but he would do his best to get as much as possible. I love the shape and how natural I look. … He will be the doc for that too!!” – Andrea2124 on Realself, Miami, FL, BBL, and Lipo 360 patient.

“Seven months post post opp. So freaking happy! I’ve had a major boost of confidence. Thank you Dr. Scurlock!”

“I’m still loving the results and still keep telling myself that you are the best. I’m 4 months post op and still loving it every day!”

“First time I’ve ever wore a bikini! Vacationing in Sicily right now and this moment was priceless! I can’t thank you enough. You are the GOAT (Greatest of All Time!”

“6 months today and I feel like tearing up a bit. I love this so much. You changed my life. I love my results so much.”

“Thank you so much for what you have done for my mental health. Body image was only one of many issues for me and your lipo 360 procedure has really provided me with an uplifted attitude, even my husband has noticed a spike in my confidence. You have definitely helped to get me out of a hole I felt pretty trapped in and for that, I can't thank you enough. You are truly the greatest of all time. Also, thank you to your beautiful wife for being so kind and responsive on facebook. Y’all are definitely a power couple. I hope y’all achieve greater heights in the very near future!”

“I know I have healing to do still but I cannot express the gratitude i have for you and your work. My self image has taken a total turn. I feel so darned good about myself again. Its reflected in my marriage as well. Cant thank you enough for your skill!”

“I have gotten so many compliments on your work and specifically your belly button work!”

“9 Days post op and I love everything so far. I’m still swollen but I HAVE ABS! Like, Dr. Magic hands for the win. You gave me my confidence back.”

“It's been about 4 months now. I just wanted to thank you for giving me my confidence back. I love my new body sooo much. I’m so ready for round 2 soon.”

“2 weeks post op. We must protect your hands at all cost. Did you take out an insurance policy on them because I’m about to open a policy for you. Loving the results!”

“Thank you Dr. Scurlock, you are such a great doctor. You always answer questions. I truly made the best decision in going to you. My scar looks great and I have my pre-baby body back and better.”

“Hey doc! Here with some updated photos. I’m officially 1 week post op and I just wanted to say thank you again! I have been healing up really nicely and getting massages every day. You are really gifted and I truly appreciate you for doing your thing on me! ”

“20 days post op and i’m loving the results. I haven't seen my body curvy since before having kids 11 years ago! Thanks again!”

“4moths post op and my BBL and tummy-tuck is still looking and feeling great! You are the greatest-est of all time. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!”

“You are the best! 4 weeks post op and I’m loving my results! I would have never dared to show my belly before. You are the bomb Dr Scurlock! Thank you so much!”

“Good morning Doctor. I just wanted to thank you for this drastic change, it has changed my life completely and it’s only been 23 days and here we go! So happy with the results. ”

“You forever changed my lift with this procedure!”

“6 Weeks post pop and falling in love with my results every day, thanks again!”

“3 weeks post op and my scar is basically gone! You are the greatest of all time (GOAT).”

“Thanks so much, I love my new look. Tomorrow makes 3 weeks since my surgery and i can’t wait to shop for some new bras in July!”

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