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Extended Tummy TuckIn Miami, FL

Sculpting Beauty from All Angles

Extended Tummy Tuck at FusionMD

At FusionMD, we're proud to offer the super extended tummy tuck in Miami, a transformative procedure performed by our highly skilled providers. With extensive expertise in body contouring, the members of our surgical team are renowned for their precision and artistry, making FusionMD Miami a trusted destination for those seeking a 360-degree enhancement of their body shape.

Complete Body Sculpting

What is a Super Extended Tummy Tuck?

The super extended tummy tuck is a comprehensive procedure that goes beyond enhancing the front plane of the abdomen, also addressing excess skin over the hips. Our specialized approach also incorporates advanced fat grafting to sculpt and smooth out the line from the waist to the hips, creating more curvaceous contours. Our meticulous and artistic approach guarantees natural-looking results, helping patients achieve a beautiful enhancement to their midsection that is far more nuanced than the outcome of a basic tummy tuck.

A Captivating Transformation

What are the benefits of Extended Tummy Tuck?

At FusionMD in Miami extended tummy tuck offers a range of benefits for those looking to achieve a beautiful transformation in their body shape and silhouette. A super extended tummy tuck addresses excess skin and fat from the abdomen to the hips, ensuring that your entire midsection is sculpted and contoured for a naturally balanced appearance. Precision fat grafting helps emphasize your curves for results that are natural and harmonious with your physique. This beautiful transformation is personalized to your physique, ensuring results that substantially boost confidence and allow you to feel more comfortable and self-assured in your new body.

Extended Tummy Tuck in Miami  Coral Gables

Beyond the Standard

Your Extended Tummy Tuck Consultation

The super extended tummy tuck is the ultimate choice for those looking to reshape their entire midsection for a comprehensive transformation. Our precision approach ensures natural-looking results that flatter your physique. Call or complete our online form to schedule a personalized consultation and discuss your options with one of our dedicated surgeons.

Refine and Define

Your Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

The super extended tummy tuck shares many features of the traditional Tummy Tuck, focusing on abdominal tightening and removing excess skin and fat. One distinction lies in the incision patterns. A standard tummy tuck features an incision along the bikini line, spanning from hip to hip and encircling the belly button. In contrast, the super extended tummy tuck maintains the principles of a standard tummy tuck but extends the incision further to allow skin tightening above the hips. Precision fat grafting is then used to sculpt the contours from the waistline to the hips, providing a smooth transition and beautiful curves or lines to accentuate a feminine or masculine physique.

Heal & Reveal

Extended Tummy Tuck Recovery and Aftercare

In the initial three weeks after your extended tummy tuck surgery, it's important to refrain from activities that elevate your heart rate or blood pressure. You will need to walk in a slightly bent position to minimize tension on the incision and promote optimal scar healing. During the third week post-procedure, you can gradually transition to walking with an upright posture. Avoid strenuous activities like heavy lifting, pushing, and any action that strains your abdominal muscles for approximately two months. Your post-operative care includes visits with your surgeon for follow-up. Detailed pre-and post-operative instructions will be provided to guide you through a successful recovery. Recovering from a super extended tummy tuck involves focused care to ensure the longevity of your results. Our team will provide careful guidance to help you heal comfortably and protect your newfound body contours. Aftercare is tailored to address the unique needs of this procedure, ensuring that your transformation remains stunning for years to come.

Extended Tummy Tuck in Miami  Coral Gables

Reclaim Your Physique

Extended Tummy Tuck Results

The extended tummy tuck delivers comprehensive results that redefine your body shape. As your healing journey unfolds, you'll witness a remarkable transformation, including a tightened abdomen and enhanced contours. Our surgeons’ precise approaches ensure that your results appear natural and harmonious with your physique, making this procedure ideal for those seeking an inspiring transformation.

Super Extended Tummy Tuck Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals looking for a profound transformation in the shape and silhouette of their mid-section are ideal candidates. This procedure is best for those with excess skin and stubborn fat deposits in the abdominal and hip areas.

While the extended incisions are part of the procedure, they are carefully placed for optimal results and minimal scarring. Our expertise ensures minimized risks, and detailed aftercare instructions are provided to support healing and scar management.

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